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Our Focus/Peek of the Week


April 24-28

As students begin wrapping up on the responsible decision-making domain of SEL, our focus this week will be on internet safety. Students will learn about a digital footprint and the dangers of giving out their personal information on the internet. 

Social Emotional Learning 

Word of the Month 

August - Respect and Encourgament 

September - Self-Control and Optimism 

October - Individuality and Acceptance 

November - Determination and Perseverance 

December - Gratitude and Joyfulness 

January - Cooperation and Unity

February - Communication and Compassion

March - Kindness and Empathy 

April - Mindfulness and Patience 

May - Leadership and Service 


Social Emotional Learning Focus 2022-2023

Social emotional learning (SEL) provides a foundation for safe and positive learning, and enhances students' ability to succeed in school, careers, and life.

The purpose of SEL is to help students increase their self-awareness, academic achievement, and positive behaviors both inside and outside of the classroom. 




August/September - Self-Awareness 

October/November - Self-Management 

December/January - Social-Awareness 

February/March - Relationship Skills 

April/May - Responsible Decision Making 

Every two months, the SEL domain of focus changes. Students will have the opportunity to explore, share, and collaborate with their classmates on these different topics/areas. The purpose of this outline is to ensure that students are receiving an appropriate foundation of SEL. Each lesson will contribute to one of the five domains.